PupHut® FAQ

Q: Does PupHut® fit all pickups?
A:PupHut® fits most full size pickups; a compact size is coming soon.
Q: Is PupHut® light weight and easy to use?
A:PupHut® weighs less than 40 lbs. and is simple to use.
Q: Can PupHut® be used on the road?
A:PupHut® is designed to be used during everyday driving.
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Package Contains:
1- 18 oz. Coated Vinyl Cover
4- Powder Coated Frame Tubes
2- Powder Coated Center Adjuster Tubes
2- Powder Coated Base Plates
1- Powder Coated Stiffener Rod
4- Heavy Duty Aluminum Clamps

Packge Dimensions: 32"x20"x4"
Package weight is approx. 40 lbs.

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