Heavy Duty 3 Point Dog Truck Restraint

Dog Truck Restraint
Many states throughout the country already have laws in place making it mandatory to keep dogs restrained while ridding in truck beds. We agree 100% and offer the best 3-point dog truck restraint we could find.

Although this restraint fits most full size and compact pickups it is the consumers responsibility to be sure the dog can not move close enough to the side of the pickup bed were they could fall or be ejected over the side.

Easy to use with existing truck bed tie points or can be attached to PupHut clamps with supplied D rings.

To be used "only" with a proper fitting harness (not included). Do not use with neck collar.

This product is sold to help keep your pet away from the sides of the truck bed under normal driving conditions.

It is not sold as a safety belt or protective device to protect your pet in accidents or other adverse driving conditions.

$28.95 + Free Shipping in US

Dog Truck Restraint Heavy Duty $28.95 + free shipping in US

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